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  • CNN Business: Blackstone CEO's recipe for success: Hire nice people
    Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman says he won't hire someone if they aren't nice.
  • CNN Business: What to know about the 'FREAK' computer bug
    Meet the FREAK bug. Old U.S. export controls on data encryption has come back to haunt us in the form of a nasty computer bug.
  • Business Matters: Revealed: The learnt cognitive skills driving entrepreneur success

    Conducted by The Centre for Enterprise at Manchester Metropolitan University on behalf of the Business Growth Service, the study is based upon research with owners of high growth businesses – a number of whom have repeatedly grown businesses – and an extensive review of existing literature.

    The study identifies six main elements in the outlook and approach of entrepreneurs that contribute to their success. “Market expertise” was revealed to play the most important role. In the entrepreneurs studied this detailed understanding of the market was also underpinned by a positive attitude to selling.

    Rather than being innate qualities, the research shows that all of the elements of the growth mindset can be learnt through experience, challenging the perception that successful entrepreneurs are born and not made.

    Rob Turner, Head of the Business Growth Service’s research team (GrowthObservatory), said: “Though there has been a significant amount of research into entrepreneurship, there is far less which explores entrepreneurship specifically in relation to business growth. This study tells us that the leaders of successful growing businesses combine deep understanding of their markets, a vision of what the business will look like in the future and a fundamental commitment to achieving set goals.

    “This visionary leadership enables businesses to innovate products and services that they have confidence in. With certainty that the business is offering something of value to its customers “selling” becomes a given.”

    Dr Tamara McNeill, Research Associate at the Centre for Enterprise, Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “People have long been fascinated by what makes an entrepreneur. Around the middle of the twentieth century there was a quest for the definitive ‘entrepreneurial personality’ but we have seen a shift away from that and researchers have mostly moved on to consider different questions, for example, about how entrepreneurs think, learn and are motivated.

    “The Mindset of High Growth study demonstrates the importance of learnt cognitive processes in the ‘high growth mindset’ such as development of expertise in growing businesses, development of growth intention and the ability to self-regulate decision-making processes.”

    Do you have the six elements of the high growth mindset?

    Do you have market expertise?
    The research suggested that the thinking processes of successful entrepreneurs are geared for generating sales, but that the true driving force behind growth is a broad understanding of the market and opportunity. Market expertise was found to be the biggest contributor to the growth mindset.

    Can you visualise your business in the future?
    Successful entrepreneurs are often credited as being ‘visionary’ in their approach. The research showed that having strong levels of conviction in their ability to deliver is key – but this doesn’t mean they have it all mapped out. The determination of high growth business leaders to achieve their vision drives their ability to find out ‘how’ as they go along.

    Do you think about how you make decisions – then make sure you see them through?
    Far from being impulsive, leaders of growth business ‘choose how to think’ – adapting their decision making processes to minimise risk, and moderating their approach to draw on the influence of other people and formal processes. Once they make decisions, they are committed to seeing them through, summarised in the words of one of the business leaders interviewed as, “let’s get on with it!”

    Do you want to grow your business?
    Increasing the size of the business is a distinct and important aspiration. A key finding from the research was that growth could be viewed as positive in its own right but only where growth had a purpose to achieving wider ambitions.

    Are you committed to selling?
    The business interviews uncovered a particularly strong drive to achieve sales amongst retail businesses, although the study suggested that sales and a positive attitude towards selling might be a ‘given’ for many.

    Do you innovate?
    Interviewed businesses stressed the importance of being able to sense new opportunities – often this related to new products and services, but also to new markets.

  • Business Matters: Worth Capital & Channel 5’s The Gadget Show join hunt for UK’s next great gadget

    Entrepreneurs can enter gadgets, home gizmos or wearable tech products, at any stage of development and the winning gadget idea will receive up to £120,000 of crowdfunded investment into their business as well as £100,000 worth of TV advertising from Channel 5.

    Two runners up will each receive up to £100,000 of seed investment. All three winners will then enter into a two-year mentoring programme with Worth Capital to help launch their businesses.

    The competition is open to UK resident’s aged 18 and over and Worth Capital will be receiving entries until midnight on Monday 23rd March 2015.

    A panel of sector experts will then help distil the applications down to just 12 semi-finalists who will all be invited to exhibit at the Gadget Show Live from 7th – 12th April 2015.

    The show’s 80,000 gadget-enthused visitors will then have the chance to vote for their favourite idea, giving one of the semi-finalists a “free pass” to the competition finals.

    Following the Gadget Show Live, the contestants will be whittled down to just 6 finalists who will all attend a day of face-to-face pitches with the panel of judges in London at the end of April 2015. The three winners will then be chosen and The Gadget Show wants to reveal them on the show at the end of May 2015.

    Worth Capital have assembled an expert panel of judges, calling upon their skills and experience in the industry to ensure only the very best businesses make it through.

    The judging panel includes:
    • Jason Bradbury and Jon Bentley, Gadget Show TV presenters
    • Nick Bampton, Commercial Director, Channel 5
    • Mark Champkins, Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor in Residence at the London Science Museum and successful Dragon’s Den contestant
    • Jon Fisher, Director of Marketing, Intelligent Energy, with over 20 years’ experience in innovation, consumer products and technology
    • Nick Schneider, Design Engineer, Dyson
    • Morten Warren, Founder and CEO of Native Design, an international design firm behind some of the world’s most iconic pieces of physical and digital design for clients such as Audi, Bang & Olufsen & Bentley
    • Alex Johns and Matthew Cushen, Co-Founders, Worth Capital

    Worth Capital Co-Founder, Paul Ephremsen said: “The gadget industry has never been more exciting. We’re delighted North One and Channel 5 have joined the hunt and contributed towards a truly exceptional prize package and we’re certain that we’ll be able to find some brilliant businesses to invest in within this space.”

    Neil Duncanson, CEO at North One Television, said “This is not only a genuinely positive contribution to the creative and editorial of The Gadget Show, but also an authentic, credible and frankly exciting way of helping the future gadget makers of the UK. It’s a complete win-win and we’re really looking forward to it.”

    Nick Bampton, Commercial Director at Channel 5 said, “Channel 5 is an entrepreneurial company with an innovative business approach, so providing an opportunity for the inventor of the winning gadget to advertise on terrestrial TV is a natural fit for us and one that we believe will be of enormous value.”

    Crowd investors wishing to invest in Future Gadget can do so from today as the fund is now live on Seedrs. The fund is seeking to raise £320,000 for three winning businesses. Each investor will receive a share of the fund’s holdings, which will include a share in each of the three winners.

    Future Gadget is the latest competition run by Worth Capital to unearth the very best new businesses across multiple sectors.

    Previous competitions in the retail and app sectors have seen the London based company collaborate with media giants such as Facebook and Metro to find & and launch some exceptional start-up businesses.

    Worth Capital work closely with crowdfunding partners Seedrs & have raised a total of £620,000 of seed investment to fund the winners so far. With the addition of Future Gadget, the company hope it will have raised close to £1m across its first three competitions.

    Worth Capital’s mentoring division, headed up by Co-Founder Matthew Cushen, works closely with each of the competitions’ winning businesses for a 24 month period to help guide the entrepreneurs to success.

    For more details on the competition and details of how to enter and invest visit

  • BBC Business News: Lotus pins profit hopes on new model
    Troubled car manufacturer Lotus says it hopes the launch of its new supercar will prompt a turnaround in the company's fortunes.
  • CNN Business: Yahoo: 20 years of hits and flops
    The company that once was Google turns 20. We look back at the many, many brands it has cycled through. Remember Geocities?
  • Money Saving Expert: 12 things they don't want you to know
    A company's job is to make money, nowt wrong with that, but here's a dirty dozen tricks to turn the system around
  • BBC Business News: Ukraine raises interest rates to 30%
    Ukraine's central bank sharply raises interest rates from 19.5% to 30% in an effort to curb inflation and prop up its beleaguered currency.
  • CNN Business: Nasdaq dogs: Cisco, Sirius and Yahoo got left behind
    Read full story for latest details.
  • CNN Business: NBC News to shake up top execs
    First came the series of embarrassments at one of the country's most esteemed television news entities, NBC News. Now comes the executive reshuffling.

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