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  • BBC Business News: Roadchef staff win 17-year pay battle
    Hundreds of Roadchef employees will receive thousands of pounds each after winning a legal row over shares promised to them by a former boss.
  • BBC Business News: Greece minister in key France talks
    Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is holding talks in France, as Greece begins its drive in Europe to renegotiate the country's huge debt.
  • BBC Business News: Greece: The dangerous game
    Are EU officials more anxious than they are letting on?
  • BBC Business News: Jesus stickers cause insurance row
    An insurance company threatens to void the policy of a Christian minister who put religious stickers on her car.
  • BBC Business News: Pension tracing service to expand
    A free service which helps people locate pension pots they have lost track of will triple its number of staff to meet record numbers of enquiries.
  • BBC Business News: Oil summit to hear pleas for action
    An oil industry body is to call for "meaningful action" from government at a summit to help tackle challenges facing North Sea operators.
  • BBC Business News: Greek PM offers olive branch on debt
    Greek PM Alexis Tsipras seeks to repair relations with creditors, amid fears of a showdown over Greece's efforts to roll back austerity measures.
  • Business Matters: 2015 will be the year of the ‘Fampreneur’

    The survey, commissioned by, followed a rise in activity on the site of people in employment keen to set up a business with one or more family members.

    The full report ‘The Dawn of the Fampreneur’ also reveals that most fampreneurs are groups of two or three family members including spouses, siblings and in-laws who are taking a very considered and calculated step with a clear idea of budget and in most cases a strong skillset suited to the venture in question.

    In addition over 75 per cent are willing or keen to relocate to enjoy the change in lifestyle they crave.

    Rufus Bazley, Marketing Director at says, “We expect more families put the monopoly board to one side last Christmas and put together their own business plans for 2015 instead.”

    The survey also quizzed established fampreneurs, the majority of which had businesses established in the last four-year period. It found they too had small groups of family members enjoying the success of being the boss thanks to a relevant blend of skills and experience acquired prior to start up.

    Bazley adds, “This new breed of entrepreneur, the fampreneur, is not a third generation inheritor of an established bloodline business. It’s someone who sees a new opportunity and recognises that the skills, trust and finance he or she shares with one or more relatives means their exposure to risk is reduced while the potential for success is far greater than going it alone.”

    “Doubtless the zeitgeist of the age of the entrepreneur has been tempered in recent economic times and the notion that family members can pool resources in this way makes business ownership more accessible to all.”

  • Business Matters: Europe’s largest student entrepreneur event opens in Liverpool

    The event, hosted by the National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) and supported for the second year by Santander, brings together budding entrepreneurs from colleges and universities across the UK for a weekend of inspiration, discovery, networking and practical workshops.

    Around 80,000 university students across the UK currently run businesses, according to recent research from Santander, and a quarter of these plan to turn their business into a career when they graduate, highlighting the importance of young entrepreneurs to the UK economy.

    Simon Bray, Director of Santander Universities UK said: “It’s so important to support and encourage entrepreneurship, especially amongst young people. Student entrepreneurs are key to the growth and prosperity of our economy and many of them will innovate, define and lead our future.”

    The event comes just weeks after the Varkey Foundation published a report analysing the top 500 global firms’ investment in education and calling on business and world leaders to support a campaign to encourage more financial support in this area. The report cites Santander as the leading global contributor with 79 per cent of its corporate social responsibility budget spent on education, equating to approximately £130m.

    The Student Enterprise Conference will unite over 800 college and university students with some of the UK’s most innovative entrepreneurs and businesses, including Ella Jade Bitton, 2014 BBC Apprentice candidate, and Julien Callede, Founder and COO of

    NACUE Chief Executive, Johnny Luk said: “We work with thousands of students every year and they increasingly want to create something that leaves a mark. We’re giving young people the opportunity to engage with not only experienced entrepreneurs and business experts, but some of the most exciting, and successful companies of today.”

  • BBC Business News: Merkel rules out Greek debt relief
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejects any cancellation of Greece's debt, saying banks and creditors have already made substantial cuts.

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